Jahan stone industries

Love is like stacking several stones over each other
Some times it lasts sometimes it collapse


Galaxy Marble

This stone has a strong physical structure. high quality and having any stone burns are other advantages of this stone


Shayan Beige Marble

The distinctive feature of this stone is its low water absorption and excellent abrasion tolerance, and it is often processed as slabs and large pieces


Dehbid Spider Marble

This stone is used in all internal parts of the building including elevator’s frames, lobby walls of residential, commercial and office units


Pietra Gray Marble

It’s one of the old Iranian stones which is known as Pietra Gray Marble in the world

جهان سنگ

Why should we buy Iranian stone

Iran’s position in world stone markets According to global statics, our beloved country, Iran, has the highest amount of stone diversity in the world. while other countries with a place in the stone industry like India and Brazil only have granite mines, and Italy has only marble mines. Iran has mines of marble, granite, crystal , travertine, sand stone and lime stone and Iran has significant mineral deposits. Meanwhile, in South Khorasan , more than 30 types of stones with different color spectrums have been


What we should know about Marble

.Marble is a metamorphose carbonate rock that has a distinct crystalline texture due to recrystallization under heat and pressure and it is mainly composed of calcite and dolomite minerals or a combination of both .The difference in the appearance of marble and travertine is that the surface of travertine has holes, marble rarely has holes and porosity but it has fossils and light veins ?How marble stones are formed Marble is a metamorphosed stone that is formed by the recrystallization of limestone, in such a