Why should we buy Iranian stone

Iran’s position in world stone markets

According to global statics, our beloved country, Iran, has the highest amount of stone diversity in the world. while other countries with a place in the stone industry like India and Brazil only have granite mines, and Italy has only marble mines. Iran has mines of marble, granite, crystal , travertine, sand stone and lime stone and Iran has significant mineral deposits. Meanwhile, in South Khorasan , more than 30 types of stones with different color spectrums have been extracted so far

.Iran’s stone mines are spread all over it. It is interesting to know that 13% of world’s crystal and porcelain are in Lorestan province

Today, after centuries, Iran’s stone industry has taken the third place in the world production, while about 600 stone cutting units are active in production and processing building stone and there are about thousand stone mines all over the country which about 700 of them are active. Based on this, Iran is among the top 10 countries in the world for construction stone extraction

.Iranian stone is exported to countries such as Turkey, Italy and China in raw form , and after processing and packaging it is exported to us and neighboring countries in the name of the producing country

Stone is a natural and mineral material and geographical location or manufacturing technique has no effect on it. Most of the stone mines are located in deprived and far off areas . What is important is the variety of processing that natural and mineral material . Because stone and wood are natural and mineral materials, and man has no role in forming their structure , and are unlike materials such as bricks, ceramics, etc. which are manufactured products and their structure, shape, size, and color can be changed

?Stone production or stone exploitation

This is a false assumption that we use the word production for processing stone. Because production means combining and assembling a set of materials and fragments. But stone is a mineral that was formed in nature over million years and processed by humans depending on the type of use and exploitation. Cut , abrade , resin, etc. are all processes related to stone processing, not stone production

Misconceptions about stones

When a foreign name is placed on a stone or imported from another country, we believe it’s a good stone and have high quality, But it is not necessarily this way. Most of the Imported stones have a beautiful and temporary look with chemicals or injections such as paint, glue, wax and polish, but they lose their original beauty over time. However, it can be acknowledged that good and accurate processing and the type of packaging have had a significant impact on selling

In last few years, a good investment has been made in the stone processing , and by upgrading the production line, stone factories are able to process stone on a global scale and they have the ability to compete with European countries, China, Brazil and India


The processing of every 5 square meters building stone, creates employment for 3 people directly and 2 people indirectly. In case of buying every 5 square meters of Iranian stone, in addition to preventing the outflow of currency, 5 people will be directly and indirectly employed

Nowadays, unemployment is one of the most important problems in the country and it is considered as the biggest and most complex concern and domestic problem of the country. Therefore, every Iranian can help remove this obstacle for youth by buying Iranian stone